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25 June 2024

24 June 2024

26 July 2023

  • curprev 05:1905:19, 26 July 2023Gamerhenky talk contribs 670 bytes +670 Created page with "{{Charbox |name=Dylanhardt |image=File:WVD Dylanhardt.png |aka= |kana=ダイランハルト |romaji=Dairanharuto |appearances={{WVD}} |gender=Male |race=Human |affiliation=Royal Knights |japaneseva={{w|Chikahiro Kobayashi}} }} {{Quote|I'm counting on you, Man from the Abyss.|Dylanhardt in Fearlessness Trailer|url=https://youtu.be/IBNghoYO5Yw?s=39}} '''Dylanhardt''' is a Royal Knights commander and a character of {{W..."