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For the third installment in the same series, see Wizardry Empire: Princess of the Ancient.

Wizardry Empire is a dungeon crawler game released exclusively for Game Boy Color in 1999 and the first installment in the Wizardry Empire series, developed and published by Starfish only in Japan. A sequel, Wizardry Empire: The Staff of Resurrection using the same engine, came out in 2000.


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Empire gameplay is basically the same as the first three Wizardry Gaiden games which also uses its same engine but made specifically for this game, like Scripture of the Dark and Throb of the Demon's Heart it started incorporating elements of Bane of the Cosmic Forge, while retaining the core gameplay derived from Heart of the Maelstrom. It also adds a significant amount of additions of its own.

Notable changes

  • Added gender feature. Male gets additional one strength point, while female gets additional one vitality point instead.
  • Introduced the Archer class, this should not to be confused with or different from Ranger.
  • Introduced five new special classes and its own spells which most are exclusively for the Game Boy Color titles, Kunoichi and Summoner later appears on subsequent or other games.
  • Added distinct equipment slots for both hands allowing for dual-wielding and shield-bearing.
  • Ninja and Kunoichi are distinguished for male and female respectively. As such, they cannot change it oppositely.
  • Added spell elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Mind, Magic, Holy and None) and corresponding type-resistances.
  • New Priest and Mage spells have been added or changed, with all spell names uses descriptive real words instead of old naming conventions. Strangely, the new prestige classes are in Japanese however.
  • Created character alignment restrictions between good and evil in the same party have been lifted.
  • Bonus points have been increased.




  • Demon Addis


Special classes

The five special classes have no alignment or stat requirements, but are only accessible by using specific equipment items on a character, which will automatically change the character's class. They are, essentially, more powerful variations on the prestige classes.

  • Valiant: Require Caged Shield. Heavily defense-oriented, and while not as strong an attacker as the other physical Special Classes, it has exceptionally low AC and access to a large selection of armour (including some exclusive to it). It's magic is mostly stronger variants of Priest spells, focused on healing, curing, resurrecting and buffing the defense and resistance of anyone and doing holy damage. It also has a Level 7 spell that can remove cursed items, the only way for the party to manually do this. It's the variation of Lord.
  • Avenger: Require The Avenger sword. More damage-dealing oriented than the Valiant, it's spells either deal damage to single enemies, or enemies groups, (usually while also inflicting status effects) or buffs it's own resistance. It can also wear cursed items with no negative effects giving it access to some of the best equipment in the game, although it's selection is not as wide as the Valiant's. It's the variation of Fighter.
  • Musashi: Require Warrior's Helmet. They can effectively dual-wield swords. It's "spells" are all physical techniques like attacking to hitting multiple enemies, blocking, evading and aiming to decapitate. The class is named after Musashi Miyamoto, a ronin known for his strategic approach to swordsmanship, his fighting technique based on dual-wielding typically two-handed swords and for writing The Book of Five Rings. It's the variation of Samurai.
  • Kunoichi: Require Charming Gloves. It has the ability to inspect and disarm traps with 100% accuracy and can detect hidden doors, but can't lockpick and lack the Ninja's natural AC-decrease and ability to decapitate. What it lacks in defense compared to the Ninja it makes up for in offense, being one of the strongest baseline attackers in the game. It's "spells" are mostly based around evasiveness (temporarily increasing AC or escaping from battle), stealth-attacks, inflicting status effects and decapitation. It's the female counterpart of Ninja.
  • Summoner: Require the Sorcery's Robe. The summoner's spells function the same way as summoning in Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom, but can only be learned from specific shrines found in the maze.

Fan translation

Main page: Fan translation § Wizardry Empire

An unfinished English translation was made by MageCraft Translations since October 29th, 2000 which only translates some menus.[1]

A fully playable translation was released by MrRichard999, Helly and AgentOrange since February 19th, 2015. As of version 1.03, many fixes and modifications was made in October 20th, 2019, but there's also major issues left not fixed.[2] An addendum made by rainponcho was also made for the existing fully playable translation which includes set of add-on patches.[3]


  • There are few game-breaking glitches such as game freezing on party wipe-out and some items on the game is actually impossible to get in the game itself.



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