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For the titular character, see Knight of Diamonds (character).

Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds is a second game in the main series and expansion of the first game for home computers and ported into several different consoles, it was first released on Apple II in 1981 published by Sir-Tech.


The Knight of Diamonds takes place not too long after the events of the predecessor. In order to retrieve the Staff of Gnilda, the heroes who had successfully fought the evil magician Werdna before, are summoned. They enter the Temple of Gnilda, where they learn that the staff was taken away by Gnilda as the Llylgamyn city appeared unworthy of its protection. An apparition of Gnilda tells the heroes to find the five parts of the Knight of Diamonds's armor, which are hidden in the temple. They are to return them to him to show that the characters are worthy of regaining the Staff of Gnilda.

The Staff of Gnilda protected the Llylgamyn city against every outsider with evil intentions. However, the artefact did not protect the city against the evil within. Davalpus, aided by the lords of Darkness, overthrew and killed the royal family with the exception of Princess Margda and Prince Alavik. The siblings quested for the armor of the fabled Knight of Diamonds. After they had found the armor, they challenged Davalpus in the royal castle. Eventually, Davalpus was killed, but he managed to curse the city with his dying breath. Then, the castle collapsed, leaving only a hole in the ground. Alavik wearing the Knight of Diamonds's armor, Davalpus, and the Staff of Gnilda were gone. Without the staff, the city would fall.

When a characters succeed in assembling the armor and gaining the staff, the player may choose one of them to become the next Knight of Diamonds.


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The gameplay is the same as in predecessor. There is one significant change, though. The player is not allowed to create new characters. All characters must be imported from Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, which is rather inconvenient. Also, characters that already moved cannot be used again in predecessor. They have literally "moved on" to new adventures. The effective deletion of the first game characters can be avoided by making backup copies of the character disc.

It is possible to create a new character in predecessor and move them to expansion. However, it is not advisable to start the game with level 1 characters, as the opponents are very tough.


Console Ports

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The Knight of Diamonds received several versions in Japan. Similar to the NES version described above, these versions often had improved graphics and added music along with the option to create new characters.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Similar to its predecessor, The Knight of Diamonds was the only non-computer port to be released in the US, it was labeled as the second game for localization whereas in Japan labeled as the third game. The main differences between this NES port and the PC original are full-color dungeon graphics and textures as opposed to simple lines (One can also choose "line" for graphics closer to the original versions), rebalancing the enemies so that the game can function as a standalone title; this was necessary because the NES had no way to transfer data from one game to the next. While the Japanese release allowed both creating and importing characters, the latter option required an additional peripheral, which was available in Japan. When the NES version was released in the West, the import function was removed. However, the Japanese release allows user to switch between original English text and Japanese translation, so it is possible to play this version in English and use import function with an emulator capable of emulating the needed peripheral.

PC Engine CD

Main page: Wizardry I•II

Compilation of the first two titles on one CD with improved graphics and Red Book audio. While this version has import function, it lacks the option to play in English.

Game Boy Color

Released in Japan for the gameboy system was labeled as the 3rd part instead of being second in the series.

Super Famicom

Main page: Wizardry I•II•III: Story of Llylgamyn

Compilation of the first three Wizardry titles on single cartridge. These versions are based on the NES releases, although with improved audiovisual presentation. Similar to the earlier NES releases player is allowed to select between the enhanced graphics or those closer to the older computer versions. However, the monster graphics aren't customizable. Import function is done through in-built battery save, although the interface "mimics" the import function of the earlier NES releases. While it was released only in Japan, it has the support for English text, although the menus and messages exclusive to this version are still in Japanese.

Llylgamyn Saga

Another compilation of the first three titles. The games have improved graphics and added music, although it is still possible to use graphics closer to the older computer releases. In this version this option is also available for monster graphics. It also has an optional automapping function. This release uses the storage mediums of its respective platforms for saved data and has the import function.

Fan translation

Main page: Fan translation § Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds

A finished English translation for Game Boy Color port was made by Opus since August 22, 2001.[1]



Names, etymology, and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology, and notes

Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds
Wizardry Scenario #2: The Knight of Diamonds
Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - The Second Scenario

• The Knight of Diamonds refers to the titular character and bearer itself. The subtitle also simply known as Knight of Diamonds.
• Used in computer ports title screen.
• Used for the game cover art.


ウィザードリィII ダイアモンドの騎士Uizādorī Tsū Daiamondo no Kishi
ウィザードリィIII ダイアモンドの騎士Uizādorī Surī Daiamondo no Kishi

Wizardry II: The Knight of Diamonds
Wizardry III: Knight of Diamonds. Used for the Japanese Nintendo ports, being labeled as the third game.


Sorcellerie: Le Chevalier de Diamant

Sorcery: The Knight of Diamonds. Also known as Sorcellerie II: Le Chevalier de Diamant.



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