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Welcome to Wizardry Wiki's Help Guide! Here, we hope to be able to answer any questions you may have regarding using and editing Wizardry Wiki. Note that this guide is an eternal work in progress, so more information will be added as deemed necessary.

Any suggestions for extra information to add to the guide can be placed here. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on any admin's talk page, or on any of our social media pages. Thanks!


Basic Editing

  • Getting started - Contains information on creating and editing pages, as well as basic wiki coding.
    • To-do list - Not sure where to start? Try checking here to see what needs to be done around the wiki.
  • Talk pages - How to edit talk pages properly.
  • Protected pages- General information concerning protected pages.
  • Images - How to upload images and add them to pages.
    • Image sourcing - How to properly credit the images you upload.
    • Naming images - How to properly label and categorize the images you upload.
  • Color - Infomation on hexadecimal color codes, and the color templates used on the wiki.
  • Moving pages - How to move a page to a different name.
  • Redirects - How to use redirects.
  • Tables - How to design tables.
  • References - How to locate, add, and display references in articles.
  • Templates - How to create and use templates for pages.

Guidelines and Policies

  • User accounts - Policies regarding account naming and the userspace.
  • Coverage policy - What information is acceptable for coverage on Wizardry Wiki.
  • Quality standards - What is expected in an article.
  • File deletion policy - Some of the most common reasons why an image may be deleted from the wiki.
  • Featured articles - Information on the requirements for featured status, and how to nominate such articles.
  • Interwiki policy - Caveats on issues concerning relations with other wikis hosting similar content.
  • Blacklisted Websites - List of websites which is irrelevant to cite for the wiki.

Advanced Editing

  • HTML - Listing of used HTML prompts.
  • Making a custom signature - All of those cool custom signatures you see people with? Here's how you make one of your own.
  • Archiving talk pages - If a talk page is getting too long, it should be archived. Find out how here.
  • Administrators' guide - All you need to know about how to use an administrator's tools.

Other Information

  • Administrators - Who are they and what do they do?
  • User rights - What rights and abilities the various user groups have access to.
  • Social media - Information on the wiki's social media pages, and how to get involved.
  • Affiliates - Our affiliates, and how to join them.
Basic editing
Getting started (To-do list) - Talk pages - Protected pages - Images - Image sourcing - Naming images - Color - Moving pages - Redirects - Tables - Citing sources - References - Templates (List of formatting templates) - Sort keys
Guidelines and policies
User accounts - Coverage policy - Quality standards - File deletion policy - Featured articles - Interwiki policy - Copyrights - Screenshot guidelines - General disclaimer - Blacklisted Websites - Leaks - Spoilers
Advanced Editing
HTML - Custom signatures - Archiving talk pages - Magic words - Parser functions - Administrators' guide
Wiki information
Administrators - User rights - Community Portal - Affiliates - About