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The Wizardry Wiki is a Wizardry-based wiki which aims to create a complete encyclopedia of knowledge about everything to do with Sir-Tech's Wizardry video game franchise. Wizardry Wiki runs on the MediaWiki wiki software, allowing anyone to sign up for an account, and freely contribute their knowledge of Wizardry to the site - simply log in, and click the "Edit" link on any article you wish to contribute to.

Wizardry Wiki is now hosted on wiki.gg, a wikifarm that aims to foster the growth and development of various hosted gaming wikis.

Users should be aware that Wizardry Wiki contains unmarked spoilers and mature contents such as nudity throughout the site. You read our articles at your own risk. Wizardry Wiki cannot be held responsible if your enjoyment of a game is impacted due to reading spoiler content; we are here only to provide information, and how and when you read that information is up to you.


Wizardry Wiki was originally founded in Fandom (formerly known as Wikicities and later as Wikia) and created by TGOskar with JaredKFan, on September 2008. Due to the former administrators inactivity, the wiki was adopted fourteen years later by one of the dedicated fan, Gamerhenky. The wiki has always been very quiet due to lack of franchise recognition by western fans, presumably due to the franchise being forgotten while it still has more recognition among Japanese fans.

On March 21, 2023, the wiki has decided to leave and abandoning from Fandom due to numerous of issues such as intrusive advertising, long-lasting bugs, restrictions on customization, etcetera. This is also happens in several other wikis where many are forked or declared their independence.

In regards to the hosting platform, Gamerhenky the current active wiki admin has considered to move the wiki to its own new hosting which is good to become a part of independent wiki alliance affiliates or membership, however it was never eventuated due to lack of source funding the website domain and potentially unforeseen high server costs per month to maintain it, as such, Wizardry Wiki was officially inducted into the wiki.gg wikifarm, with all contents forked over.

On March 28th, 2023, the wiki founded in a new home migrated from the former, with the new logo designed by Gamerhenky, and skin designed by Magiczocker, taking inspiration from Emonoya's Wizardry fansite and the early home computer ports of Wizardry games.

As of February 27, the wiki has become part of the membership on Gaming Wiki Network[1] (short of GWN) as a 20th member and the milestone celebration.

Press Coverage

  1. Retro gaming YouTuber "St1ka" created a video titled "Wizardry: Your Grandpa's RPG" which mentions and shows the main page, Wizardry Renaissance, and Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna from Wizardry Wiki on wiki.gg.[2]
    1. There is one mistake when St1ka says Wizardry Renaissance series year as 2008 instead of 2009.


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  2. St1ka, Wizardry: Your Grandpa's RPG, YouTube, Published: November 22, 2023, Retrieved: January 15, 2024
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