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Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry is a roguelike role-playing game developed by Taito for smartphones released in 2014. The game was originally freemium game in Japan, players who pre-registered the game before December 22 rewards Knight of Diamonds for free.[1] The original Japanese service was terminated in October 30, 2015.[2] It is the last game in Wizardry Renaissance series.

An English rerelease version published by Forever Entertainment was ported available worldwide in February 24, 2017 through Steam, followed by an Android port later through Google Play (not to be confused with the original version). This version removed the stamina and free-to-play elements in favor of a more traditional buy once model. English rerelease was later delisted on December 31, 2020 due to licensing expiration.[3][4]


This article or section lacks enough Experience Points to have a rank. You can help by sending it to a dungeon to fight some battles so it can gain its first ranks.


This article or section lacks enough Experience Points to have a rank. You can help by sending it to a dungeon to fight some battles so it can gain its first ranks.


These are the list of unique characters or units in the game. Most of them can be obtained for free reward or having to recruit them through Elite summons by spending WizJewels or tickets.

Collaboration Units

In addition to original unique characters, Wizrogue also does have limited time units from Wizardry Schema and Square Enix games including Final Fantasy Agito and Rise of Mana.

  • Sally (Wizardry Schema)
  • Ace (Final Fantasy Agito)
  • Miyu Kagirohi (Final Fantasy Agito)
  • Kurasame Susaya (Final Fantasy Agito)
  • Van (Rise of Mana)
  • Aria (Rise of Mana)



Official Reveal Trailer

Forever Entertainment English Trailer


  • Akatsuki, Metz, Lanzi, Rishi, Jannu, Vivi, and Rosé were the only unique playable units available in English rerelease version excluding Knight of Diamonds, collaboration units, etc.


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