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This article contains information about a cancelled game or expansion. Because of this, some information may be speculative and may never be complete.

Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry - Wandering Dark Lord is a cancelled arcade game by Taito based off Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry for smartphones with new exclusive features and contents.


Panelist, Akihiko Maeda and Takumi Shimada discussing about the upcoming game; While on-screen shown off Beckett wield JAEPO Sword.

During Japan Amusement Expo (JAEPO) 2015 on February 13. As mentioned, Taito has announced the game tie-in based off Wizrogue: Labyrinth of Wizardry for arcade operating cabinets, participants can receive a postcard from Taito booth with a campaign code that can be used in smartphone version.[1]

The serial code is distributed by companion.

On panel, Akihiko Maeda and Takumi Shimada discussed the series history and the original computer Role-playing game Rogue, following the upcoming Wizrogue arcade version. Shortly while discussions goes on, the panel screen shown off the footage from smartphone version as well the following footage where character equips the JAEPO Sword. The said limited item can be obtained by receiving a serial code during the convention.

Exclusive Calamity God monster.

New exclusive contents were revealed such as new "Calamity God" monster that moves from place to place while attacking stores or amusements nationwide where the game has been introduced in real time. It also exist as basic counterpart when the players of each store or amusements cooperate together to develop a "Calamity God", and eventually they will attack other stores and bring back the items of the players who defeated them at the attack destination.

New Warrior Training mode.

The new feature focuses on linking between from arcade to smartphone version were also revealed. One of these following is the "Linked Warehouse", where weapons and items are shared between the arcade version and the smartphone version, and items available only in one can be brought into the other and played. There's also a new training mode called "Warrior Training" in which characters from the arcade version and the smartphone version will be paired up and sent on it for few days to strengthen them.

The booth featuring game's cabinet and tablet terminal for convention participants trying smartphone version.

At the booth during the convention, participants can try the smartphone version on tablet terminal. The arcade version never got release date announcement, instead the smartphone version was announced for February 19, 2015.[2] Afterwards, there hasn't been any existing cabinets on public amusements nor it has any existing leaked footage, supposedly the development of the arcade version was cancelled in between before or after the server closure for unknown reasons.




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