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For the original game, see Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is a modern remake of the first game same name, which itself originally released on the Apple II with elements from Nintendo Entertainment System port, developed and published by Digital Eclipse released on September 15, 2023 as of Early Access via Steam and GOG,[2] and sets the full release alongside port for the current generation consoles on May 23, 2024.[3][4][5]

The remake features full enhanced 3D graphics, quality-of-life, and improved visuals.


The first party-based RPG video game ever released, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was a direct inspiration to series like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Digital Eclipse's revival preserves the appeal of the classic, with many upgrades for modern role-playing game fans.

Dungeon Crawling, Deluxe

Craft your own party of adventurers and head into the labyrinth at the behest of the mad overlord Trebor, in search of the amulet stolen by the evil wizard Werdna. Battle groups of challenging enemies, avoid hidden traps, and make your way deeper into the dungeon as you prepare for the ultimate battle: Facing Werdna himself.

Commitment to Accuracy

Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is built directly on top of the original 1981 game's code. Although it looks all new, underneath the hood is the authentic game. You can even view the original Apple II interface as you play.

Challenge Without Hassle

While the well-known difficulty of the enemies has not been altered, quality-of-life improvements have been added in every area. Party management, navigation, spellcasting, and combat have all been significantly enhanced.

A Legend Reborn

If you're just discovering the legendary Wizardry franchise, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is the perfect jumping-in point for new players. Series veterans will love the gorgeous new graphics and sound, and the streamlined interface.


Dungeon gameplay

Gameplay is remainily the same as everything of the Wizardry franchise with a first-person view of the grid-format labyrinth map. The player can move or turn around the character either through using the keyboard or buttons. The game's remake was created in the Unreal Engine, but based on the original Apple II code.

Changes from the original


Combat gameplay

Several major mechanical changes were made to modernize the game:

  • The Old School Option is implemented, players may wish to choose three presets based on Modern, Original, and Classic Console or customize freely such as hides mini-map, text-only Dumapic, and disable hints.
  • The Apple II version screen overlay can be optionally switched on and customized.


Several monster's designs are based upon Jun Suemi's artwork, however, there are lot of monsters retain the same appearances, some received redesigns (i.e. Werdna), and few enemy designs were changed such as a Level 7 Mage being turned as female.


Official Screenshots


Launch Trailer


  • The game was released outright after the original being unavailable for 20 years.
  • Hobbit's name can't be used and it was renamed to Halfling, presumably due to trademark issue since J. R. R. Tolkien owns its race name.
  • A Pure Force, composed by Christopher Moe Ditelvsen is used only for the game Early Access trailer music.
  • This was the first Wizardry game to be released for the eight and ninth generation consoles.


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