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This article is about the first game in BUSIN series. You may be looking for the main antagonist or the series itself.

Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land is a dungeon crawling role-playing game developed by Racjin and published by Atlus which was originally released in Japan under the title of BUSIN: Wizardry Alternative, the game was also localized in North America, and Europe under by Ubisoft publishing. It was the first game in the BUSIN series and takes place after the events of BUSIN 0: Wizardry Alternative NEO which was the second game.


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Story Characters

The main game protagonist are nameless, race and classes may vary depending on player choice. These are the list of story related playable characters that can be recruited throughout playthrough and doesn't count generic pre-made characters such as Cerazyn, Creo, Calo, and Daluk.

  • Protagonist: The nameless wanderer and the main lead who had amnesiac of who they once were.
  • Kyo Hattori: A ninja who has strictly trained and has put himself on the battlefield as a first-class warrior who has overcome "Fear". (In Japanese version, he is known as "Greg Meland")
  • Ricardo Dorephes: A warrior who doubts the trust he has with his companions on adventures.
  • Sara McDuff: A kind-hearted priestess who despises the "labyrinth" that adventurers who are obsessed with getting rich quickly and gaining fame enter.
  • Rui: A thief and talented female adventurer.
  • Daniel: A cunning hobbit thief.
  • Michele: A sorceress and one of the few survivors of the elf village that was destroyed during the flash.
  • Hina: A gentle samurai girl who genuinely doesn't want to fight and cares about her brothers.
  • Aoba: A samurai who having lost his parents at a young age, he was picked up by Orpheus' father, Gustav, and raised as if he were his apparent own son.
  • Orphe Bright: A female warrior who strongly dislikes adventurers who visit the labyrinth for money or greed.
  • Wolfe: A warrior with a personality that likes to get involved in various troubles while traveling around the world.
  • Grace: A female knight who made a blood pact with a demon from another world and went to the labyrinth at her own risk to stop Sir Eugene Guestam from plotting to usurp the throne of the kingdom of Duhan.
  • Kulgan: The ninja being known as "Kulgan the Agile". One of the guards who serves Queen Otelier.
  • Virgo: The veteran sorceress who is in search of the hidden treasure of the Demon God, rumored to be hidden in the deepest part of the labyrinth.
  • Kaza: An elf bishop from the same town as Michele. He continues to wander the labyrinth in order to find out who caused the abominable flash that destroyed his hometown's forest, and to uncover the truth.



First Commercial

Second Commercial


  • Tale of the Forsaken Land is the first Japanese created game received English localization.
  • The Japanese version had an English voiced narration during opening cutscene whereas in the western versions were left out entirely.
  • The localization and for the first time contains in-game dialogue profanities (e.g. Shit).


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