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BUSIN 0: Wizardry Alternative NEO, stylized as BUSIN ∅ Wizardry Alternative NEO is a dungeon crawling role-playing game developed by Racjin and published by Atlus which was released only in Japan for the PlayStation 2 without western localization effort, instead it was localized in Korea (Hangul: 부신제로 위저드리 얼터너티브 네오Businjelo Wijeodeuli Eolteoneotibeu Nēo) released on March 25, 2005. It was the second game in the BUSIN series and takes place hundred years prior to the events of Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land which is the first game.



For thirty years the kingdom of Duhan was plunged into blood and terror. It's population was reduced by two-thirds. This distratrous war will forever be remembered by the people as the Battle of Banquo. It all started when the king of San-Goth, possessed by the spirit of the death, led his army of beast to attack the kingdom of Duhan.

The war then spread all over the country of Venoa. If it had not been for that one hero, the kingdom of Duhan would have disappeared from the face of earth. It was Orthrud, later known as the Holy King. He defeated the San-Goth forces, and restored peace and hope to the kingdom of Duhan.

25 years since then have passed...



Main article: BUSIN 0: Wizardry Alternative NEO/Characters

Story Characters

The game's protagonist are nameless, race, gender, and classes may vary depending on player choice. These are the list of story related playable characters can be recruited throughout the game, the story companions are referred to as "Guest" and labeled green in Adventurer's Guild. This list doesn't count generic pre-made characters such as Airis, Basco, Evan, Freesia, and Bartels.

  • Protagonist: The nameless wanderer and the main leader.
  • Erika Florence: She was a nun who at the Church of Salem, who got transferred from Haris six months ago.
  • Konde: The heir to the now defunct royal family of Illyria. He is a man of venerable sorcerer's lineage.
  • Vera Almohad: A female knight who used to adventure with Simson.
  • Iris Jäger: An adventurer who suspects that the Royal Family and the order are not only recruiting adventurers to explore the labyrinth, but to use them for something else.
  • Frieder: She is Automata, a product of the ancient elven civilization, who was restored by Guillaume based on the steel head that protagonist obtained in the labyrinth.
  • Lidi Wallenstein: She is the CEO of the book publishing company called Venoa Bookstore.
  • Turgot Martell: A man who worked as a clerk at the city hall.
  • Melanie Wenceslaus: She is a shy little elf girl who rarely speaks in public, and only opens up to a pixie named Miri.
  • Aoi Döberiner: A female samurai exploring the labyrinth under the watchful eyes of the Order.
  • Emilia: She is a little elf girl and the twin sister of Lute. She is the younger sister.
  • Lute: Like Emilla, she is a little elf girl and the twin sister of Emilla. She is the older one.
  • Vile Doulier: A female warrior who says she came from San-Goth to defeat the Writhing Demons with her own hands to clear her father's name.
  • Bertin Audius: Being known as "Bertin of Gnome Valley". He is a veteran dwarven warrior from said valley.
  • Bergran von Buren: He is the leader of the Royal Knight, and is trusted by the king and the people.
  • Uri Ernst: He graduated from the Magical Academy of Jugurtha with a first-class degree and was expected to have a bright future, but he was permanently locked up in a prison for experimenting with forbidden arts of creating life.
  • Yoppen Reiner: He is a monster geek, and especially fond of female demons.

Pre-release Information

Demo Build

Main article: BUSIN 0: Wizardry Alternative NEO Trial Version

Save game bonus

Players who have BUSIN: Wizardry Alternative Japanese version save data on their Memory Card grants additional benefits including:

  • Additional 10 bonus points while creating main protagonist.*
  • Slightly better starting equipments.
  • Pre-made companions are renamed after characters from previous game.

*Innate benefit in Korean version due to previous game not being released in said territory.

Fan translation

There are none of English translation project existed, but a translation guide was released since April 9th, 2021 by Diablo1_reborn.[1]


  • BUSIN 0 (KOR) - Name Input.jpeg
    The Korean version name input only provides alphabet and symbol without Hangul letters (as it meant to replace Japanese letters) in favor of quick names.
  • Coincidentally, two in-game music tracks were supposedly plagiarized from Front Mission game, Bar Luna Light theme (known as Feel at Easy in the original soundtrack) being compared to 19-46 seconds loop of Bar theme, and Omnious track melody from said game were also plagiarized that plays during some events.



  1. Cite unavailable due to guide mentions blacklisted website.

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