Wizardry Empire: The Staff of Resurrection

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For the 2002 game, see Wizardry Empire II: Legacy of the Princess.

Wizardry Empire: The Staff of Resurrection is a sequel to Wizardry Empire in the series, developed by Starfish in 2000 and released exclusively for the Game Boy Color only in Japan.


Notable changes include:

  • It's again possible for the Thief, Ninja and Kunoichi to fail at trap-identification and disarming.
  • When encountering a treasure chest a timer will start, gradually lowering the quality of the loot in the chest until it's successfully opened.
  • Changing a Thief into a Ninja with the Thieves' Dagger retain all level and stats of the Thief instead of functioning like traditional class change.
  • The equipment needed to change to the Special Classes are acquired from specific events rather than being random drops.

Fan translation

Main page: Fan translation § Wizardry Empire: The Staff of Resurrection

A playable English translation was released by MrRichard999 and Helly since November 25th, 2015. As of version 1.16, many fixes and modifications was made in March 7th, 2017.[1] An addendum made by rainponcho was also made for the existing translation which includes set of add-on patches.[2]


  • The Ghoul monster portrait which showcases eating a corpse in previous game was censored.
    • This was reverted back to uncensored in fan translation, although it can be restored back to censored included in addendum patches.


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